Selected Work
  1.  Entanglement Exchange and Bohmian Mechanics … an article with Tiziana Vistarini – the title says it all!
  2.  The Past Hypothesis and the Knowledge Asymmetry … a draft read at a meeting on the foundations of statistical mechanics at Rutgers, May 2009.
  3.   Everywhere and Everywhen … Table of Contents of a popularization of the philosophy of physics, to be published by OUP in 2009
  4.  Indistinguishability … an article written with Tom Imbo for the forthcoming Compendium of Quantum Physicsupdated May 26 2009.
  5.  The Regularity Account of Relational Spacetime ... available from Mind January 2006
  6.  Galileo and Descartes … Chapter 1 of the book I am completing on the history and philosophy of ‘True Motion’ (bibliography)
  7.  Newton … Chapter 2 of ‘True Motion’ (bibliography)
  8.  Leibniz … Chapter 3 of ‘True Motion
  9.  Can Spacetime Help Settle Any Issues in Modern Philosophy? … given at the NYU Issues in Modern Philosophy conference, November 2006
  10.  Absolute and Relational Theories of Space and Motion with Carl Hoefer … on the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (also see my entry on Zeno’s Paradoxes)
  11.  Groups in Mind ... with David Hilbert, Philosophy of Science, December 2006.
  12.  Quarticles and the Identity of Indiscernibles ...
  13.  Quick Guide to the Leibniz-Clarke CorrespondencePart I, Part II, Part III (absolute and relative space)
  14.  Mirror Symmetry: What is it for a Relational Space to be Orientable? ... available on the Phil-Sci archive PITT-PHIL-SCI00000767
  15.   Reflections on Parity Nonconservation ... Philosophy of Science, June 2000
  16.  Space from Zeno to Einstein ... Table of Contents